meet cj!

You've all heard me talk about him and I'm sure you've seen pictures, but I don't believe I've ever formally introduced you to my boyfriend CJ. He's wonderful and I still get butterflies thinking about him. He's in Brooklyn right now and I miss him SO much! He's a hip-hop producer and he makes some AMAZING music. He also happens to be the one who inspired and encouraged me to start my own business, and he's the one who keeps me sane through it all! It's great dating someone who is also living the same kind of self-employed lifestyle, he understands me a lot more than my friends and even my family sometimes! I'm so proud of him and what he's doing and all of the exciting things that he has on the horizon! Check out his website and his discography if you have a chance, you might find something that you love! Also, here is his Twitter and his Facebook Fan Page.

Feel Tall (prod. CJ Luzi) by OnCue on Grooveshark

xo, e.m.