things I like

1. I love Albin Holmqvist's "Live the Language" typography video series. I love languages and traveling, I love video, and I love type. Win, win, win. This particular one features Beijing, a city that I spent some time in last winter and hope to return to soon! Not gonna lie, I got a little nostalgic while watching it.

2. I love mixing pastels with brights, that's something that I'll be doing a LOT this summer. Can't wait to pull out all of my summer clothes!

3. This DIY from Elsie's blog is too adorable. I want to make this, ASAP.

4. FINALLY a camera strap for the ladies! I love my vintage woven camera strap but it's not gonna last forever, so I'm thinking I might have to invest in one of these. The blue one with the bow is cute, and I think it also comes in pink! (Hint hint, CJ, if you're reading this...)

5. Anchors to Ashes has some wonderful things in her shop, go and check it out, she's a local girl!

6. After seeing this simple craft on The Handmade Home, I want to cover my house in doily banners. 

7. BHLDN has done it again. I'm not getting married any time soon, but if I was (and when I do) this cake topper would be a necessity. 

8. I love this photograph from Love Me Do Photography. It's risky for me to put this up here, since they're also local girls, but hey, I enjoyed the photograph as well as their blog so why not?

9. As irritating as this whole "cats are apathetic and therefore soooo hip and sooooo cool and I'm gonna cover everything I own in cat fur" phase that our society is going through can be, I can't help but fall in love with Meowsy Wowsy. She is absolutely adorable.

10. You all know how I feel about sandwiches, so I don't even have to say it. This sandwich......... I need a moment. But for real, I can't wait to try this Cashew Asparagus Lemon-Jalapeño sandwich. 

Happy Friday everybody!
xo, e.m.