a day in the life

So many people ask me what it's like to run a business. It's not always easy but it is ALWAYS rewarding! Here's a look into one of my slower days:

MORNING: Wake up at 8:00, talk to CJ on the phone for a little bit then head downstairs for a cup of tea. I usually try to start my day around 9:00 and to stick to "normal" office hours as much as possible. I start by checking and answering email inquiries, then I go through my ledger and make sure that everything is up-to-date. I then check my planner for appointments, make follow-up calls, set appointment dates, and confirm times. I also use this time to do once-in-a-while check-ups for my brides, to make sure that the wedding planning process isn't wearing them down too much! This entire process usually takes about an hour.

LATE MORNING/ AFTERNOON: As soon as I'm done scheduling and making appointments, it's time for some blog stuff! On this particular day, I did my Necklace Display DIY, which took about two and a half hours, including making the craft, editing the pictures, then putting together the post. At this point, it's time for lunch and a little break! After some veggie and Seitan stir-fry (which took me FOREVER to eat because my mouth is still super swollen!) and some devotionals, I'm ready to edit. I've been working on a wedding for about a week, with a couple hours put in every day. I have to keep an eye on the clock so I don't miss my 2:30 appointment!

LATE AFTERNOON: After a few hours of editing, it's time for a snack. My appointment cancelled so I have some time to get ideas for the blog while I'm snacking. I've been looking through this cook book for new ideas and old fashion magazines are always super inspiring. I try to do this every day, for at least 15 minutes or so. After my break, I continue editing. 

EVENING: After I'm done editing for the day (usually between 5:30-6:00) I head into the kitchen for dinner. Last night was Chinese takeout, one of my favorites. After dinner, I settle down on the sofa to watch some Seinfeld while I work on some new visuals for an ad campaign that I'm developing for both my photography business and also for the blog. Then, assess all of the data from Google Analytics and other information sources. I do this three of four times a week and it takes me about 2 hours. It's good though, because I can work while spending some time with my family and watching some TV. 

BEDTIME: I hop into the shower, read a few chapters from Dr. Zhivago, and jump into bed. Another day completed!

xo, e.m.

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