Every time I put on this little jumper, I can't help but think to myself, I wish you would step back from that ledge, my friend. Who doesn't love that song? Even my husband-- who hates pretty much everything-- loves it. If I could start by day with a little bit of Third Eye Blind, I think I would be alright.

Bring on the Halloween Decorations

I know it's still September and the first actual day of Autumn was only yesterday but I'm SO ready for bonfires, apple cider, and Salted Caramel Mochas-- which is the superior Autumnal beverage. (If any of you want to buy me one, I get it with soy, no whip, no caramel drizzle.) I know it's not full-on "sweater weather" yet but this time of year is perfect for a light knit-- which is why I chose this darling rust-colored top.

Negativity, Toxicity, And Other Things You Just Don't Need

A lot of you have asked for more "personal" posts, so you're getting them! Since I'm turning 25 next week, I've spent the past month or so taking stock and thinking about all of the things I want (nay, NEED) to change in this next year. Identifying toxic people and cutting them out of my life was at the top of that list.

I don't know if it's because of my mental illness or just the fact that I'm naturally vulnerable and a little insecure but I've always been flypaper for generally manipulative people. Of course, I've never thought that on my own-- it's something my mom always has to remind me. I will admit though, I have quite a penchant for unhealthy relationships and tend to not notice their malignancy until it's too late. Because of the nature of that all, I've never had a real amicable parting of ways. Friendships often end in a brilliant display of poorly chosen words. Now that I'm older and a little more self-aware, I've been studying the people around me and wondering to myself, does this person build me up? That simple question has revealed some pretty shocking truths. Letting go of somebody you've come to know and love is a painful thing to do, no matter how toxic the relationship may be. If you suspect something in a friendship or romantic relationship may be slightly off, here are some important questions to ask.

Beauty for Fall

I know we're still about a week away from actually fall but that doesn't mean we can't start getting our autumn faces ready. For me, this season is all about rich color and layering textures. I barely fuss with my makeup in the summer because I know I'm going to sweat it all off anyway but come September, I go all in. Here are some of my favorites!

Tomboy Vibes

Remember a few months ago when I told you all about my love for the beautiful Françoise Hardy? I decided to put some of my own fashion advice to practice and tried her classic tomboy style. Of course, nobody will ever do it as well as Françoise, but at least it was a semi-successful try.

My Very Best Festival Look

I loved the outfit that I wore for day one of Made in America SO much but for day two, I wanted to go all-out festival. You know, gold chains, bralette, and some breezy trousers. I might never be able to wear something like this again so I had a lot of fun with this look. I even dared to wear a stacked heel. I think it was a pretty good decision.

PLAYLIST: Beautiful As Days Can Be

For the past few years, I've shared an autumn playlist on the blog. (Here's last year's if you're curious.) I'm completely aware that it's not fall just yet but I figured that I might as well get you in the spirit since, before you know it, we'll all be in a pumpkin patch, sipping Salted Caramel Mochas. (The far superior autumnal beverage.) 

90's for a Festival

In case you didn't see on Instagram and Snapchat, Budweiser invited B and I to Made in America over the weekend. To say that it was just "fun" would be an understatement. I kind of felt like the entire second day of the festival was curated just for me, with bands that would NEVER be playing anywhere near each other in any other situation. Over the course of the afternoon, we saw Touche Amore, FKA twigs, Desiigner, AND Coldplay. And that was just one day! Figuring out which bands I wanted to see was the easy part-- finding an outfit was a completely different story. I took advantage of the fact that the festival lasted the entire weekend and went for two completely different looks. This first look is vintage, head to toe. I raided my long-forsaken closet at my mom and dad's place to find the perfect 90's dress and some boho accessories. How do you think I did?

Muse: Anna Karina

If you're anything like me, you may have been feeling a little low on inspiration lately. With the changing of the seasons coming up, I think it's time that I share another one of my muses-- and of course-- she's a classy French (slash Danish) lady. In case you don't know, Anna Karina is an actress, director, and screenwriter who was a pioneer of the French New Wave. (Definitely worth reading about!) When she was 17, she hitchhiked to Paris from Denmark without speaking a lick of French. She lived on the streets until a woman from an advertising agency saw her sitting at the café Les Deux Magots. (Maybe this is why I go to coffee shops so often?) She had the look so she quickly made a name for herself as a model. That's when none other than Coco Chanel herself gave Karina, then known as Hanne Karin Blarke Bayer, the name by which we all know her now.

Gingham Maxi Dress

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I don't normally traipse around Philadelphia like I just popped out of Little House on the Prairie but since it's the end of summer, I decided that I should probably depart from my norm and try something new. After all, it'll be winter before you know it and all of these pretty dresses are going to be hopelessly hung in the back of the closet, patiently waiting for Spring. While I'll always be a big fan of the black band tee + jeans look, sometimes you have to go full-on "Paris in the Summer." This faux wrap dress got the job done.