Schuylkill Banks at Sunset

fashion, blog, philadelphia, New Balance, sneakers, When was the last time you saw me wearing sneakers? Sometimes I barely even wear them to the gym. (Because Vans don't count as actual sneakers, right?) And in a more "casual" context? Forget about it. Nonetheless, I'm trying to be all about expanding my horizons so when New Balance sent me these beauties, I worked them into my very non-athleisure wardrobe.

Philly's Cherry Blossoms

Philly, cherry, blossom, street, style, fashion, E.M., Ricchini
Who doesn't love a cherry tree in full bloom? Philadelphia is already a lovely place (really!) but these flowers add a little extra comeliness. What kind of fashion blogger would I be if I didn't pose amongst their beauty?

A Declaration of Love for My Favorite Leafy Green Vegetable

Philadelphia, fashion, blogger, E.M., Ricchini, Chloe, Drew, Bag, black, whiteIs kale still cool? Or is the ubiquitous fluffy green cultivar it too "mainstream" now? It's pretty much everywhere but to be honest, I ain't complaining. So yes: much like kale, I'm not sure where society stands on ironic sweatshirts. No matter. This is how I've chosen to live.

The Dream of the 90's is Alive in Fishtown

My ideal morning: leisurely stroll, cappuccino, record shopping. (In that order.) Good thing Milkcrate exists and it's close by, right?

Velvet Trousers

I get complacent in my choice of clothing quite often. My life is a yo-yo ride between confidence and self-loathing. Sometimes I love my chubby ankles. Sometimes I cry because of the way my stomach looks in a crop top. (But I wear them anyway.) I'm sort of in-between the two right now. 

Mom Jeans + Murals

I've got a big 'ole crush on Philly's Mural Arts Program. One thing my out-of-town friends say when they visit is how surprised they are to see these humongous pieces of art everywhere. I love 'em too, especially when they pop up in the unlikeliest of places. This mural in Fishtown by MOMO is one of my current favorites. (You can find it over on Frankford + Berks!) 

Work It

Coachella, festival wear, When I was in high school, I was constantly getting in trouble for wearing a shirt with "too many buttons" or "a bit too tight across the chest." It often resulted in the teachers taking me away from my studies. In my impressionable teen mind, I reasoned that my body (slightly more buxom than the other girls, who could get away with four buttons instead of three) was cause for shame. Adults were putting more importance on me adhering to their arbitrary rules than my actual education. It spoke volumes. I was embarrassed by my curves and have wrestled with seeing my body in a positive light ever since. After years of struggle, it feels good to be confident.

Denim Dress

I'd be lying if I said this warm weather hasn't been giving me life. Sun is almost like an instant cure for whatever ails ya-- feeling it on my face and my arms made (almost) all of the winter blues melt away.

2nd + Pine

Spring is finally in the air here in Philly and I could not be more joyous. This winter wasn't a particularly cold one but it was a sad time for me and I couldn't be happier to see it go away forever. Needless to say, I wasted no time getting my breezy dresses out of storage.

Blush + Rust

Chloe, Drew, bag, black, white, blogger, street, style, PhiladelphiaOne thing I noticed while I was taking a little scroll through my blog is that I wear a lot of black and a noteworthy amount of blush and rust. I suppose I really should try to branch out more but at the same time, you like what you like, no? Best I can do is try different combinations-- and try I shall.