Dreaming of Fall

Summer is dwindling down and Autumn is fast approaching. I'm already swooning over early-autumn clothing-- you know, the perfect time of the year when you get to mix breezy dresses with chunky sweaters? Here are some of my favorite picks! (Details after the jump.)


For my last Warby Parker post, I decided to bring it back to basics: a chambray button-up and some black denim. (My constant go-to. It can never be wrong.)

Ice Cream

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Despite being crawling with ostentatious "frat bros" on the weekends, Old City is one of my favorite places in Philadelphia. The historic cobblestone, albeit impossible to walk to work on when I'm wearing heels, is so quaint and cozy. In addition to the obvious historical draws, (hello Liberty Bell) there are a number of great bars, books shops, record stores, and one of my favorites in the summer... Franklin Fountain. I don't know what is is but sunglasses and ice cream cones seem to be a match made in heaven. We grabbed our Warby Parker sunnies and headed out for a little BFF date. (We looked quite dapper, if I do say so myself.)

Lunettes de Soleil

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I'm on the good foot. There's been a nice breeze and being outside is much more enjoyable than it was a week ago. (It's truly amazing what some outdoor time can do for my mental state.) I'm back in the city so I've been out and about exploring again. When my friends at Warby Parker asked me to style some sunnies, I said, "uh, YAH." (Obviously!) Perfect timing, guys. For real. 


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So... it's almost August, folks. I've spent the bulk of this summer living between houses/out of my car and wishing away the humidity. Now that July is halfway over, I think I should stop complaining and appreciate the once-in-a-year dreamlike event that is "SUMMER." Alright, let's be real for a second here though. I've never been one of those girls who can't wait to hit the beach with her "biddies" for some tan time. There is nary a "hot dogs or legs" photo to be found on any of my social media platforms and wine coolers are just plain nasty. Pools are also kind of gross. It's like taking a slightly refreshing chemical bath. No thank you. There are some summer joys I can indulge in though: my once-yearly pre-sunrise trek to the beach to watch the pink and gold light peek over the horizon. Going to restaurants and enjoying dinner outside on the sidewalk or, even better, on the patio or garden. Crop tops. (So. Many. Crop tops.) Iced Americanos, Bomb Pops, and driving with the windows down. Philly's Spruce Street Harbor Park. These little things make summer bearable and the humidity kind of worth it. I'm trying to enjoy it more though, which is why I've thought of a few things to try before my beloved autumn arrives.


I love this little guy. (I mean, look how cute he is.) We do everything as a little family now. Coffee dates, walks in the park, and... yes, even outfit photos. Is he a slight inconvenience? Yes, a little. But he's a champion at cuddling and seems to know exactly what I need when I'm a little sad. 

Adventures in Personal Style, pt. 2

It's been quite a while since I've intentionally thought about my own "personal style." I know that I have one because people are always saying "insert such-and-such item of clothing looks like something you would wear!" It's not always accurate, but kudos to those of you who recognize that I've got a certain je ne sais quois going on. I feel like my clothing choices are all over the place but I don't mind it. I wear what I want. Since I first wrote about my thoughts on personal style last February, I've gone through a myriad of changes. Location, career, relationship... hair... all of which have had a tremendous impact on what I choose to wear. Some things (we're all thinking it: that damn orange hat) have stayed and others (I'm not even linking to them because they're so embarrassing) make me cringe. So hard. I figured that it's high time I wrote a new little "guide" on personal style. 


Oh, hey guys. My blogging schedule, like almost every other aspect of my life, has been a bit erratic lately. I could weave you tales upon tales of misadventure and woe. But I won't. It's been a series of twists and turns, unforeseen misfortunes, and beauteous new beginnings. I moved back to the suburbs for the rest of the month. (Long, agitating story.) I'm fully trained and started my new position at work. (Making mistakes but feeling on top of the world.) I'm in the throes of wedding season. (Tiring but a much-needed escape.) And... I made a new friend. (Hint: he has four legs, a wet nose, and gives sloppy wet kisses.) Overall, I'm on the good foot. I'm adjusting. Challenges are a necessary evil and the acceptance of this indisputable truth has made my life so much more enjoyable.