My Life, Sans Coffee

This year has been all about challenging myself. A few weeks ago, my band played out. I wanted my vocals to be in tip-top shape so I decided to take some drastic measures-- I went without coffee for a week. Hear me out. I'm not some "one cup every couple of days" kind of girl. I drink at least three or four cups a day. Coffee can be very dehydrating and in my mind, that's simply a no-go for my delicate voice. Winter wreaks havoc on my vocal cords and my lips. I have to defend those precious commodities at all costs and (added bonus!) I also need to learn how to live without my daily indulgences. So, despite my intermittent overnight work schedule and my general inability to function without caffeine of some sort, I set out on my week-long coffee-free existence.

Home + Style

This corner is my favorite space in my cozy little room. It's perfectly lit in the morning and nice and toasty by the radiator. Ever since redoing my room last fall, I've found that my personal style has started to reflect the design of my room. Lots of black and white. Clean lines. Intentional color. Is it a coincidence that we tend to mimic our surroundings? 

Don't Worry, I'm Wearing Tights

Every once in a while I'll ask B if he thinks something is too short, to which 9 times out of 10 he'll respond with, "don't worry, you're wearing tights." Never mind that even the most opaque tights still don't leave much to the imagination... sigh. I guess if you feel comfortable, you're fine? Today was one of those days. 

My Keto Life

 Disclosure: I am not a doctor so take this post with a grain of salt. All of this information is from what I've found through my own research (I've linked it all) or through my own experience. This diet is not a miracle cure for anything and like all other lifestyle changes, you should check with your doctor to make sure it's okay to make the switch.

I haven't eaten bread since last year. No, really. It was some time in late December of 2014. I gave it up for good along with all of my sweet cravings, gluten, soy, and a myriad of other food staples. After guidance from my dad and reading Grain Brain by Dr. David Perlmutter, I decided that I needed to make a change for my mental health. Enter: The Ketogenic Diet.

Can't Go Wrong with Pink

It may seem impractical to wear ankle grazers and loafers out in the snow but I think I may just be immune to the cold at this point. It doesn't bother me at all.

Winter Earth Tones

It's been kinda warm for January here in Philly. I've been dressing in layers so I can add/subtract clothing when necessary. More so, strategically planned layers can conceal the extra winter weight. It's a win, win.

Lazy Weekend

He & She

We're happy. Very happy.

Coffee Date

This is standard "I'm going on a coffee date" attire around these parts. If you want to really get to know a man, go on a coffee date. If he orders something that's more than six syllables and throws it across the counter when the barista doesn't get it right, you know to bail right away. I'm kidding. (Although if the latter does happen, you probably should.) The coffee shop is a place that's always abuzz with so many different faces. It's shangri-la for people-watching aficionados. It's bustling yet somehow still cozy. Between casual observational comedy (think Seinfeld) and the usual coffee shop banter, if you run out of things to talk about over a cup of coffee, he may not be the one for you. B and I have known each other for over TEN years (more on that some other time) and we still love coffee dates more than any other kind of date.


coat/ Urban Outfitters (super, super old.), jeans/ American Eagle, top/ H&M, boots/ Free People (old, similar), hat/ Etsy, bag/ Marc by Marc Jacobs, sunglasses/ Ray-Ban 

p.s. You didn't think I was going to go through an entire blog post about coffee dates without actual coffee date pictures, did you? Look at how handsome he is. 

A Moment of Honesty: Getting Back Up

I've become all too familiar with the burn of holding back tears. I feel it in my throat, I feel it as it tightens within my chest. Not soon after comes the worrying. I'm never going to get to my goals. I set the bar too high. I'm not as good as I thought I was. In fact, I suck. Why am I even trying? It's been happening more and more frequently. Nothing worth having is supposed to come easily but is my spirit meant to be broken beyond recognition? Whether its an immediate rejection email or a realization that occurs months after what I thought was a very, very good interview, the feeling is always the same. The ignored follow-up emails should have been your first clue, dummy. Go back to school and get a "normal job." I feel defeated and each time it gets more and more difficult to pick myself back up.

I don't write about this because it's easy because it certainly is not. It's not some romanticization of myself as a "struggling artist" type. It's because I know that I am not alone. I'm surrounded by many kindred spirits. We're all trying to make it. With each failure, we have a choice: we can either be closer to giving up or closer to getting to where we need to be. Walt Disney was fired from his job at a newspaper because he “he lacked imagination and had no good ideas.” He was no stranger to failed businesses and bankruptcy. The Wright Brothers went through years of failed airplane prototypes. Einstein's teachers has ruled him out. And, perhaps closest to my own plight, Oprah was told that she was "unfit for television." Look at them now.

I don't really know what else to say, honestly. I don't feel qualified to offer some "glimmer of hope" advice because I have not found it myself. I'm in a dark place but I have to keep pushing forward. We all do. That's life. I wish it could be macarons and perfectly un-smudged winged eyeliner every day but it's not. We were never promised that it would be easy, simple, or fair. Despite all this, we must persevere.


Everyday Lip Color: My Favorites

When you get to a certain age, you acquire the common sense to realize that you just can't rock a red lip at work. (If you haven't gotten there yet, consider that a cautionary word of advice.) Fret not though my dears because it turns out that there a lot of very lovely neutral or earth tone lip colors that will still bring out your inner bold, sassy self. Here are a few of my personal favorites.

MAC - Honey Love
This is perfect for daily wear. It's a warm beige, with rose tones. I particularly love this one because it's completely matte, which means that it'll stay on FOREVER. If you're looking to pull off the Kylie Jenner look, this color is probably the best one for that. (I know, I know, but c'mon, her lips are always looking fab.) It's especially great when paired with MAC's Et Cetera liner. See it in action here

Alternatives: L'Oreal Fairest Nude, Rimmel Nude Delight, Neutrogena Just Whisper

Too Faced - Honey Bear
Lots of honey, right? This one is smooth and has a little more shimmer than Honey Love. It's more mauve-toned but still very warm. The little bit of creaminess will immediately give you a sexy pout. This is B's favorite lipstick. (For me to wear, not him...) Because of the shine, it would transition well from daytime to a night out for drinks or a dinner date. OH, this one also scores some major points because it's Lemon Cake scented. Yum. See it in action here. (Paired with the same Et Cetera lip liner mentioned above!)

Alternatives: Revlon Super Lustrous, Maybelline Warm Me Up

NARS - Anna
This is probably my all-time favorite lip color. It's a smoky rose and it looks good with everything. (Literally, everything.) I love it paired with Sephora's Native Nude or Queen Quartz liner. It's See it in action here. Warning, this one sells out quickly so snatch one up while you can. 

Alternatives: Colour Pop Lumière

What are some of your favorite lip colors? 


A Walk with my Love

"It isn’t possible to love and part. You will wish that it was. You can transmute love, ignore it, muddle it, but you can never pull it out of you. I know by experience that the poets are right: love is eternal."
 - E.M. Forster, A Room with a View

I've had a little extra "pep" in my step lately. While I've maintained my daily recommended amount of realism, everything has been slightly rose-tinted. Being in love does that, I suppose. Falling in love is bliss but falling on love again after being reunited years later is ethereal. 

We went for a walk the other day. It was just an ordinary walk but I found so much joy in it. If you've never been in love, that's what everything starts to feel like. The mundane becomes extraordinary and every day is another chance to learn something new about this human you've chosen to do life alongside of. Words cease to simply exist; they become poetry. His voice becomes this song you can't live without. You find more comfort in his eyes or his smile than you could have ever found elsewhere. Every day greets you with something beautiful. The sun seems to reach down and gently touch your face in the morning. On your way to work, dead leaves picked up by the wind seem to dance on the street in a congratulatory way, like a choreographed testament to the splendor of being captivated by somebody. Night seems more intriguing than frightening and its chilly breezes invite adventure. Everything is different. Everything is brilliantly illuminated. And with this one, I can tell that nothing will ever be the same again.


First (Real) Snow

Today was the first (real) snow in Philly. It's about time, mother nature. 


jacket/ J.Crew (old, similar), jeans/ H&M, boots/ Charles by Charles David, scarf/ Anthropologie, hat/ Free People (similar), bag/ Marc by Marc Jacobs, watch/ Michael Kors, bracelet/ Urban Outfitters (similar)

Hello, 2015

Some people don't like New Year's resolutions. If you're one of those people, stop reading this, take the stick out of your butt, and go make yourself a list of goals. I love resolutions. New year, blank calendar, wide open spaces on which to begin drafting the next chapter of your life. 365 days isn't really all that much. I, for one, would much rather look back on this day one year from now and relish in the goals I've accomplished. After all, where there is no vision, we kinda start to suck at everything

1. Take more pictures: iPhone, real camera, film, Instax, doesn't matter. The older I get, the less likely I am to pause and capture a moment.

2. Appreciate moments without capturing them: I know, this kind of goes against my last point. There are some things that need to just be though, ya know? This is especially true for when I'm out with B. I'd rather focus on just being with him instead of trying to Instagram my cup of coffee or some other insignificant detail. 

3. Practice love: I can be quite the curmudgeon. Whether it be the fury I feel towards the passive-aggression of everyday newsroom life or the condescending hatred I feel towards grown women who use the word "curate" and get excited way too excited about things like Taylor Swift, I need to curb that rage and channel it into love. We're all human beings. I can't frown down upon our species for being so divided if I do nothing to contribute. Love, compassion, and grace do not come easily to me but I genuinely want to work on these things. 

4. Advance in my career: I don't exactly know what this means yet. It could mean moving to another city. It could mean moving up in my current workplace. It could mean a completely different career path altogether. I've sort of "given up" trying to control every little thing about my work life and the next time is to let things be. Obviously I can't not follow up on resumé emails or not actively pursue the next step but I can't worry about it. What will happen will happen. I am sure of this. What'll worrying do? The answer is that it would make me crazy while not helping out at all. 

5. Read: I never want to stop learning and reading is one way to make that happen. I've been reading a lot lately but I want to kick it up a notch. Do you have any suggestions for me? I would love to hear them! 

6. Be Content: Fashion blogging can be a materialistic nightmare sometimes. I had to physically remove myself from my computer a few days ago because I was coveting Chanel Boy Bags on Pinterest. I can be somewhat envious of the bloggers who can afford to buy these like candy. (Or just don't mind running up that Amex bill.) I want to stretch myself not only to stop buying so much but to be creative with what I have. I've decided that if I am going to spend money on clothes this year, the clothes are going to be more timeless and high-quality than quick and trendy. I saved up for a MINUTE for my Speedy and I cherish all of the hard work I put in for it every time I look at it. I need more of that, less "I gotta be hip NOW!" 

What are some of your goals and dreams for this next twelve months?