Red Wrap Dress

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For my third late-summer look from Primark, I decided to dress up a little. This wrap dress sashayed its way into my heart (and subsequently my wardrobe) so of course I had to pair it with my favorite early-autumn peep toe platforms and my go-to summer bag.

Casual Sunday

Sundays are for waking up late, (like 7:30 or 8AM) spending a few hours in a coffee shop for no particular reason, and planning a big, elaborate dinner but getting Chinese takeout instead. Basically, I love Sundays. Getting stuff done is an added bonus but not entirely necessary for a good Sunday. The brisk chill has been bringing out all sorts of excitement in me. I'm not sure if "white girl wasted" is still a part of my generation's rapidly-evolving common lexicon but I'm ready to get white girl wasted on Autumn. 

Cognac & Denim

Shoutout to August 2017 for winning "weirdest month of my life" by a pretty significant margin. Instead of talking about that, let's talk about these Zara shoes, which I genuinely never want to leave my feet.

Faded Black & Baby Pink

Thanks Primark for sponsoring this post!

Black denim, baby pink tee-- what more could you need? A lot like my first late-summer outfit for Primark, this second one is simple and timeless. A jean skirt, a basic top, a statement bag, and some very white (almost too white) sneakers. 

Wrap Dress & 11 Questions

So you guys know me pretty well, right? You know I love to wear black but have recently been trying to work more colors (mostly yellow) into my wardrobe. You know I have a love/hate relationship with fringe. You more than likely know I have a weird taste in music, love cuddling with my rescue pup, and am on medication to treat my mental illness. However, I haven't been very open lately because I don't know where to begin. (Shrug emoji.) Sometimes life gets to be a little too much, you know? When Hal tagged me to answer 11 questions about myself, I kinda shrugged it off because I feel like I talk about myself enough already. However, once I read through the questions, I thought that answering them could be a fun challenge! So here's my outfit, ft. 11 interesting questions, answered. 

Late Summer Yellow

Thanks Primark for sponsoring this post!

I've slowly been becoming more and more of a summer person but once that first cool evening hits and I dig into my box of sweaters, I'm all autumn. It's sort of a shame because the last days of summer tend to be the best. They're not as hot and humid, there's this tiny bit of happy nostalgia for the early days of summer inspired by the impending dark days, and fewer people are likely to flock to the beach, making it a much more enjoyable place to be. Sometimes, dressing for this transition isn't always the easiest. Thankfully, Primark made it a lot easier this year. 

Ruffled & Striped

In the event of a rooftop pool party, you have to go all out, right? When I got invited to one such soirĂ©e with The Sonesta and Visit Philly, I knew I had to be the most extra. I love a good high-waisted bikini so I set out to find one and I got oh so much more than I ever could have imagined: this bold piece, from Amazon, for only SIXTEEN DOLLARS. (I KNOW, RIGHT?) What's not made better by some gigantic ruffles?

Beach Stripes and a Bow

Blue and white stripes forever.