Red Wrap Dress

Thanks Primark for sponsoring this post!

For my third late-summer look from Primark, I decided to dress up a little. This wrap dress sashayed its way into my heart (and subsequently my wardrobe) so of course I had to pair it with my favorite early-autumn peep toe platforms and my go-to summer bag.

Like my first and second late summer looks for Primark, I kept this one simple and (tried to be) timeless. I've been learning to love the color red and I've gotta say: I'm crazy for this wrap dress. It's seriously the most perfect color and I love how breezy it is. You may have to swing down to King of Prussia to grab one for yourself. (For real.)

I have a few more looks up my sleeve and I can't wait to share them with you! 

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  1. Those shoes!!!!! Please tell me where I can find those babies!
    PS. You look so good in red <3

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