Party in the Back

Simple outfit with a few little surprises. I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

Wildflowers & Chambray

Beachy stripes are all the rage right now, even for a night out in the city. To make this trend a little more "me," I paired these chambray trousers with a sleek black crop top, these fabulous Rachel Comey clogs, and my favorite statement bag. I think it's the perfect mix of playful and timelessly chic. 

Pink Denim Jacket

You know how I've been trying to expand my wardrobe beyond black denim and neutrals? I'm sure glad I did, because I found a new love: pink. denim. jackets. I was looking for the perfect piece that would not only make a statement but could also be a staple in my summer wardrobe. (Easier said than done, no?) My friends at G-Star sent me this pink denim jacket and all I could say was "oh hell yeah." I'm going to go ahead and officially declare pink a "neutral."

Chopped & Frayed

It's been a while since I've donned an all-black ensemble. This was, of course, on purpose. At the beginning of the year, I decided to challenge myself to wear more color. I noticed that I was "hiding" behind all black looks because I was SO insecure about my body. Lately, though my body is not at "its best," I've been feeling great about it and decided I could celebrate by returning to my roots and wearing head to (almost) toe black. I love the simplicity of this outfit. The silhouette is the star of the show while the accessories add a fun 70's element. 

Pink & Black

Sometimes you put on an outfit that just feels right. I'd say I feel comfortable in my skin about 50% of the time. It's only natural, no? While 50% may not seem like a lot, it's an improvement. Despite blogging and having my photo taken on an almost daily basis, 50% is something that took a long time to attain. I can remember when it was more like 25%... or even 5%. Obviously half and half isn't ideal but for now, I'll take it.

Gingham & Bamboo

This is definitely one of my favorite outfits I've been able to conjure up recently. It's made up of some of my favorite elements: gingham, ruffles, oversized denim, a graphic tee, a felt hat, and a statement bag. It's perfect for a day around town, which, for us, involved a stroll down Main Street and some Boing! Mango from our local burrito joint. Life's been a bit weird lately. I need a lot of juice and more good outfits like this to keep me sane.

Some Serious 90's Vibes

Go ahead: try and think of something more 90's than a sunflower print mini dress, an oversized denim jacket, a velvet choker, a bucket bag, and a block heel. Let me tell you, aside from gratuitous amounts of Drew Barrymore and a half-decent American economy, there's not much. I owe this look partially to the fact that I've been watching a lot of Friends and who hasn't been at least subliminally influenced by any sartorial combination of Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe? Not sure if any of the Friends would wear this look but I can guarantee I could make it as an extra in the background of a Central Perk scene if I wanted to.

Elephant Print Jumpsuit

It took me a while to get over my fear of jumpsuits. I have short legs, a long torso, a big butt, and wide hips. Finding one that fits me without major... um... you know in the crotch region is difficult enough. Finding one that makes me look good and feel comfortable is basically impossible. Alas, I'm not one to give up. I fell in love with this one online and took a huge risk by ordering it without even looking at the sizing. It just happened to work out perfectly and though I only received it a week and a half ago, I've worn it twice already. Huzzah!