If I had to describe what my go-to "uniform" is, it would undoubtedly be some variant of (blazer + stacked heel shoe) x black + statement necklace. Ever since I started being a lot more intentional about buying clothes, I've found that a black blazer is a must-have, along with a comfortable but classy shoe. If you have those things, the possibilities are endless.

Pear White Mocha and a Cozy Sweater

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I don't know why it took me so long to check out One Shot in NoLibs but I FINALLY did and I think I've found my new favorite coffee jawn. Perfectly-brewed joe in a cozy little space: what else do you need in a coffee shop? 

My Favorite Colors

Mustard, navy, and blush. Though I wear a lot of black, I always come back to these colors. Not only do I like them on their own, I love them all together. Here are some of my favorites. (I think I need those shoes... for science.)

Smoky Watermelon Margarita

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I was never a fan of margaritas (too sweet) until I moved to Philly and tried the Watermelon Margarita from Dos Segundos. It was love at first sip. I then dabbled in the margarita arts, never quite finding a fruit and tequila combination that brought me the same amount of joy until I had my first sip of Mezcal in Nashville. Smoky, strong, and splendid. This cocktail is sort of an all-star lineup of my favorite flavors: watermelon, mint, ginger, and smoke.

Oh, My Love


Every Friday when I go into work, the security guard says "happy Friday!" He says it to everybody but it makes me smile. If nobody has said it to you today, happy Friday! 

The One Whom My Soul Loves

Lace & Rust

Philadelphia, street, style, blog, Dilworth, Park, glass, subway, Madewell, Transport Tote, E.M., Ricchini"I'm gonna ask you a question, but you aren't going to like it. Are you a pagan? You got the outfit." A woman said that to me while we were taking these photos. I'm laughing about it now but it was an incredibly odd moment. Between her deadpan expression and seemingly genuine concern, it was one of the few rare moments I've been taken back to the point of absolute confusion-- speechless and confounded. I had no response and even now, no snide remarks. I'm still wondering what she meant though.

Dreaming of Paris

It's almost here! After Iceland and Belgium, we'll be heading over to Paris for a day and a half. It's not a lot of time but it's enough to explore a bit. It's been a while since I've been there and I feel like I have to start planning my Paris outfits. (As well as brushing up on my French, alors...) Parisian fashion truly next level. It's effortlessly chic... or at least appears to be. I'll try my best to not stick out like the American sore thumb I am. Here's my inspiration!

Bow Ties Make me Brave

Temple University's Fashion and Business school asked me to come to one of their meetings as a guest speaker. As soon as I sent that "YES!" email, I started digging in my closet to find an adequate ensemble. I mean, these are fashionable students. The bar is high. I tried to go edgy... and realized I just looked like Steve Buscemi in 30 Rock. (Those few years between me and the college crowd are starting to get a little noticeable.) I tried "fancy, but not too fancy" and ended up just looking like a sad bridesmaid. I decided to go with a classic E.M. outfit-- because you really can't beat the classics. I got dressed and headed out only a few minutes late. The outfit was the least of my worries though... it was time to get over my biggest fear: Public. Speaking.