With as many photos as I post on here, as hard as it may be to believe, I take many, many, many more. I've filled up at least two large external hard drives since I started blogging. (Not complaining at all.) It's nice to go back through and laugh at funny faces I've made inadvertently during outfit shoots, take a gander at prospective blog posts that never quite made the cut, and draw inspiration for future adventures. Here are a few little photographs I stumbled upon today from the past couple of weeks:

1. Lauren representing her love for the West Side (as we were debating over the superiority of West Side vs. East Side Manhattan) while walking around Chelsea Piers.
2. A pretty flower at Morris Arboretum. (If you're ever in or around Philly, it's a nice, lovely place to walk around.)
3. CJ under a bridge during an outfit shoot. He's super tall, can you tell?
4. Not sure exactly what's happening here but it's funny, so laugh.
5. Rockin' my favorite Orla Kiely sailboat dress. I wear it too much.
6. From Las Venus's final days on Ludlow Street.
7. Some buildings giving me major fire escape envy. (Which is a real thing by the way.)


some tunes for you

Thanks to CJ and Breaking Bad, I've been listening to Alex Ebert's (from Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros) solo album almost nonstop since last week. Alexander has the same psychedelic charm that Ebert is known for but with some hip hop undertones. I, of course, love this. Fun fact: after a little bit of research, I learned that Alex Ebert originally intended to pursue a career as a rapper. Another fun fact? He played every instrument on this album. After hearing that, why wouldn't you want to give it a listen? Do it. You'll be hooked.


what we wore:

Neither of our outfits today are particularly spectacular but they're a pretty decent sampling of what we wear on a normal day. He loves mixing tees, black pants, and dress shoes. I love putting together flowing tops, blazers, jeans, Mary Janes, and lots of black. Oh, and a felt hat, of course. 


HIS: Tee/ H&M, Jeans/ Urban Outfitters (they're my old BDG Cigarette Jeans), Shoes/ Nordstrom
HERS: Top/ F21, Blazer & Hat/ H&M, Jeans/ Jessica Simpson, Shoes/ Jeffrey Campbell via ModCloth, Clutch/ Michael Kors

New York Rain

"New York rain is a rain of exile. Abundant, viscous and dense, it pours down tirelessly between the high cubes of cement into avenues plunged suddenly into the darkness of a well." - Albert Camus


Top/ H&M, Jumper/ Vintage, Shoes/ DSW, Necklace/ Anthropologie, Bag/ Michael Kors

Cake Shop

I've decided that I need to start sharing some of my favorite small businesses here on the blog. I'm lucky to live in a part of the country that gets a LOT of tourism. I'm also lucky to have a group of readers who are from all over the world. Knowing that some of you could possibly be coming to visit my neck of the woods at some point, I'd love to make some suggestions of where to visit while on your trip. Having said that, I present to you: Cake Shop. 

I've loved this place ever since my band played here back in high school. Now that I'm older (and legal) and can fully appreciate it, I'm going to go ahead and call it my favorite spot. Ever. Where else can you find a bar, sandwiches, coffee, and amazing vegan cakes in one place? Quite literally all of my favorite things in one cozy location. And, not only do they have a fantastic playlist for background music in the cafe area, but the downstairs is a venue with lots of great live music. If you're planning a vacation to NYC soon, take a trip down to Ludlow Street and stop by. Grab a slice of vegan red velvet, sit by the window, people-watch, and feel like a local.


insta lately

I try to get in the habit of going through my iPhone pictures once every few weeks or so. I've mentioned it many times before but I think that stepping back and observing all of the colors and textures that surround you from a distance helps to grow an appreciation for the simple beauty in life. It's good to get in the habit of capturing sweet little moments, even if it's just with your phone and even if you only keep them for your eyes only. (Sort of like a diary!) I love this particular batch of photos. Fun fact? They've all been taken within the last month and are from North Carolina, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York. It's been a crazy, crazy month!


Skip N' Whistle

It's strange to wear colors. I feel like I've been wearing black, white, or some other neutral for... forever! It's fun though, I kind of felt like Malibu Beach Barbie in this outfit. Big 'ole thank you to Skip N' Whistle for this tee. They've got plethoras of unique and comfy tees, sweatshirts, and tank tops.

OH! Also... notice anything different? I got me a hair cut. (Well, all of them actually, har har.) It was my first in about a year and a half. Insane, right? Needless to say, a lot of dead ends needed to be chopped off. It's still long but it feels so short. It'll grow back though, and for now, it looks and feels healthier than ever.


Top/ C/O Skip N' Whistle, Skirt/ Target, Headband & Sunnies/ Urban Outfitters, Bag/ MAPTOTE via Urban Outfitters, Earrings/ Green Eyed Girls, Shoes/ American Eagle

Friday Faves

1. I'm in love with my pink YSL lipstick and think it's time to go for another shade. How's this one?
2. I've been wearing a lot of rings lately, and since doing so, I've found the "the perfect ring" is difficult to come across. This one from Catbird NYC is a little out of my price range but quite lovely nonetheless!
3. The Leatherbound Classics series from Barnes & Noble is wonderful. The books are inexpensive and can also serve as a great piece of art for your home. I'm particularly enamored with Tolstoy's Anna Karenina.
4. Violet is such a talented little lady! I love her new monthly calendar wallpaper series, especially August.
5. I don't care what the rest of the fashion world may say, I'll always be such a sucker for Jeffrey Campbell. These peep-toes are certainly no exception.
6. While I was putting this list together, I actually bought this dress because I loved it so much. One can never have too much black clothing, especially dresses.
7. It would be completely impractical for me but this LV Damier Eva Clutch is stunning.
8. This photo has it all. Tattoos, ostentatious gold jewelry, a unicorn (or is it just me who sees that?) and  the perfect analog look. Source Unknown. 
9. It's ALMOST beanie weather again! I love a good sassy beanie. This one from Dimepiece is a winner.
10. Ladies, if you're looking for a great hair conditioner, look no further than LUSH's Veganese. It works miracles. I kid you not.

Hope you all have a great weekend! I'll be kickin' it (or, as I liked to say in the early 2000's, "big chillin'") in Manhattan, enjoying my weekend off. How about you guys? Any fun plans?