Fleur de Lillet Martini

Lillet, St. Germain, Cocktail, Basil, Mint, WatermelonLillet, St. Germain, Cocktail, Basil, Mint, WatermelonThis cocktail is easily my favorite concoction thus far. It's classy, refreshing, and the prettiest shade of pink. St. Germain gets me every time and before I even tasted Lillet, I knew that I'd love it simply because James Bond does. (He has excellent taste.) Basil and mint never disappoint and watermelon is a no-brainer. Basically, I should have named this one "a chalice full of whimsy." Make this to impress your guests and show them how sophisticated you are (fancy French wines and liqueurs, does it get more sophisticated than that?) or enjoy it by yourself on the porch to unwind after a long, hot summer day. Either way, you'll probably have to make a couple of servings because, well yeah, it's that good.

Lillet, St. Germain, Cocktail, Basil, Mint, Watermelon
What you'll need: Lillet Blanc, St. Germain, 4 1"x1" cubes of watermelon, 3 mint leaves, 2 basil leaves, edible flowers (optional, just to garnish) and ice. You'll also need a shaker and a martini glass. (Or in my case, a margarita glass.) 

Lillet, St. Germain, Cocktail, Basil, Mint, WatermelonLillet, St. Germain, Cocktail, Basil, Mint, Watermelon
Begin by placing one cube of watermelon, a mint leaf, and a flower in a glass. To me, it's just easier to make everything sit the way you want it to before adding the liquid rather than after. Muddle 3 watermelon cubes, 2 basil leaves, and 2 mint leaves in the bottom of the shaker. Add a regular kitchen glass full of crushed ice followed by two parts Lillet to one part St. Germain. I used dessert wine glasses to measure and that seemed to be the perfect amount. If you don't have dessert wine glasses, you can easily use shot glasses. Try 4 shots of Lillet and 2 shots of St. Germain. Shake and then strain into your glass. One shaker will make two drinks. 

Lillet, St. Germain, Cocktail, Basil, Mint, Watermelon
C'est magnifique! Remember to hold your pinky out whilst sipping daintily. Hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend. I'll beck back on Monday, I have a double-header wedding weekend ahead of me! AAAH! (In a good way.)



  1. this is the most perfect (and photographable) drink ever! such a dainty little drink, i love this for summer.

    lindsey louise


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