summertime playlist

So many of these songs make me feel nostalgic. Growing up, I remember taking countless trips to the beach when my dad got home from work and we'd listen to so many of these songs on the way there. My siblings and I would always fight (heck, we still do) over who saw the ferris wheel first as we crossed the bridge. We'd stroll around the boardwalk, grab some Johnson's Popcorn, (if you've never visited the Jersey Shore than you have NO IDEA what you're missing!) look at the ocean, enjoy a few rides, raid the bulk candy store, and drive home. We weren't allowed to eat any of the candy until we were driving back over the bridge again, even nowadays. Such sweet memories. These songs bring them all back. There's also a few new ones thrown in there as well, because there's aways room for new memories. Do you have any songs that remind you of summer?



  1. Ah, Yellowcard! Taking it back to 8th grade. I really enjoyed listening to this!


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