Late Summer Yellow

Thanks Primark for sponsoring this post!

I've slowly been becoming more and more of a summer person but once that first cool evening hits and I dig into my box of sweaters, I'm all autumn. It's sort of a shame because the last days of summer tend to be the best. They're not as hot and humid, there's this tiny bit of happy nostalgia for the early days of summer inspired by the impending dark days, and fewer people are likely to flock to the beach, making it a much more enjoyable place to be. Sometimes, dressing for this transition isn't always the easiest. Thankfully, Primark made it a lot easier this year. 

I got to pop down to their King of Prussia store to stock up on transitional pieces for late summer/early fall. I fell in love with some of their more neutral pieces but HAD to have this teeny tiny perfectly yellow satchel. (The ultimate transition piece, in my opinion.) I don't think I could ever do an entirely yellow ensemble but find it to be the ideal accent color. It's cheerful and can be incredibly chic. To keep this look casual, I paired a simple white corset blouse with some mom jeans. ($15 and $20, respectively.) 

As the days get a little shorter and chillier, I'm going to trade the flats for some ankle boots (got a floral pair I can't wait to wear!) and add a sweater. (Earth tones, of course.) 

Can't wait to share some more Primark looks with you guys! It's been so much fun putting these looks together, I almost don't want this transition season to be over! 

xo, e.m.


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