Velvet Trousers

I get complacent in my choice of clothing quite often. My life is a yo-yo ride between confidence and self-loathing. Sometimes I love my chubby ankles. Sometimes I cry because of the way my stomach looks in a crop top. (But I wear them anyway.) I'm sort of in-between the two right now. 

One thing I know is that these boots make me feel hella sexy. Something about things that lace-up, perhaps? I paired them with some velvet harem pants for boho vibes but kept it simple up top with a basic crop top and black denim jacket. Perfect for a Tuesday night on the town, watching some local bands play at the bar down the street. (And sipping on seltzer, of course.) 
Not sure if this is an actual old adage or anything but if it's not, it should be: when it doubt, go monochromatic.

top/ American Apparel, jacket/ Levi's, shoes/ Jeffrey Campbell, necklace/ ASOS (similar)

***photos by Danielle Conyers. Follow her on Instagram!


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