spice it up!

The one complaint that I get from my friends who are trying to be healthy and eat more vegetables is that "they just taste so bland!" True. Vegetables all the time can get a little boring, which is why it's so important to find spices that you like and spices and flavors that you won't get tired of! I took a look in my fridge and pulled out some of my favorite flavor-makes at the moment so that I could share them with you! 

1. Sriracha and Wasabi are both great to add a little spice to your dishes. I like Sriracha in soup and Wasabi goes really well in guacamole! Both of these can be a little hot, so if you're not too good with spiciness, you might want to stay away!

2. Did you know that marinades and salad dressings can be used in stir-frys? They're a great and incredibly easy way to add your favorite flavors to an otherwise bland meal. I've been ending up using a lot of Asian spices lately (this Szechuan marinade has been on my blog many times before, I seriously use it all the time and this Thai Peanut marinade is also so good!) and of course, Balsamic is always a contender. It's the Italian in me!

3. Fresh items like lemon and ginger can add a nice flavor, especially in your summer dishes!

xo, e.m.