iphone photography love

PictureShow is probably my FAVORITE photo app. There are so many different settings and options are unlimited. You can tweak the colors, the contrast, the brightness, play around with SO many different processes, frames, light leaks, there are even some options for double exposures! I was playing around with some pictures that I took with my Nikon last night with the app on my iPad while I was (and still am) confined to the sofa. Try it out, it's fun, especially if you're stuck on the couch like I am!

xo, e.m.


  1. Wow, I've never seen or used this app. Downloading now :P

    1. let me know how it works out!

    2. I'm using it, but I can't get the bokeh spots to look like your second picture at all. They are just plain yellow and there are no colorful options. I also can't figure out where the double exposure setting is. I can randomize my settings and get it, but I can't get it just playing with the image manually. I must be missing something...

    3. It is really confusing at first because there are SO many options! All that you have to do is take the photo and drag it either up or down to go through all of the different processes! The multi-exposure ones are towards the end so you can go backwards to get to them first!