My little bro is growing up so fast! On Friday, he had his first "prom." It's actually called a "Junior/Senior" and there's no dancing or anything but people dress up and have dinner and it's a pretty fancy affair. He looked dashing and his date was stunning, here's a few snapshots!

If you're from around here and you've never been to River Winds restaurant in West Deptford (where their banquet was and where these pictures were taken) I'd highly suggest that you check it out! Very nice atmosphere and you can see Philadelphia over the river!

Also, a quick shoutout to my mumsy on Mother's day! She's a beautiful and strong woman. She never gave up on me, even through some extremely difficult times in my life and I am unbelievably blessed to call her not only "mother" but also "friend." If you're reading this, love you mom!

Hope the rest of you had a great weekend and gave your mom, grandma, aunt, friends, and other motherly figures in your life a big and well-deserved hug!

xo, e.m.