headband braids

My friend Gianna always has something cute going on with her hair so I decided to have her come over and show me (and you guys!) how to do something. I was so excited when she mentioned headband braids because I think that they are so cute. They also happen to be really simple, and all that you need is a few bobby pins!

1. This works best on straight hair. I tried it on my curly hair and it didn't turn out as well. It still worked but I had to play around with it a lot to my my hair go all the way across my head, and I even have pretty long hair. If necessary, brush out your hair and then take your layers and clip or tie them back to get them out of the way. For Gianna, this meant all of the hair that lined up with the peak of her eyebrow was pulled back. If you don't know where your layers start or end, just follow her rule of thumb, it'll usually work!

2. Find your longest layer and begin braiding starting at your ear. The braid can be whichever size you want the headband to be. continue braiding it over until it reaches your opposite ear. 

3. Use one or two bobby pins to secure the braid and then let down the hair that you pulled up earlier. 
Play around with it as necessary, you may need to tuck/untuck some hair from the braid to get that "headband" look.

I love this look because you can wear your hair down, up, or half up and it will still look cute. If you have bangs, you can even use the braided headband to hold back your bangs. It is an incredibly versatile and classic look that I think will always be in style! Thanks for sharing this with us Gianna!

xo, e.m. 


  1. Your hair is so pretty :D



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