things I like

1. I absolutely love these Ingmar Beer Alaia Surfboards. The beauty and the craftsmanship make me so glad that I live so close to the ocean!

2. This Brooklyn Subway Map Cuff is beautiful! I should get it for the next time I visit CJ. I'll never have to feel like a tourist looking at the subway maps ever again!3. You know I'm a huge fan of Jeffrey Campbell and that I'm also a huge fan of lace and platform shoes. These Bette's mix three of my favorite things!4. More subway stuff! I love jewelry that's made of of "things" like this vintage subway token necklace. Look familiar? It was worn my Amy Adams in the movie Julie and Julia.5. This wallpaper is too precious! If I had it in my home, whichever room it would be in in would easily become my favorite room.6. Need Supply does it again. This Ribbon Dress is wonderful. I love this color combination, I think I need more of it because I really do enjoy it!7. I remember visiting the Spectrum as a kid to go to Flyers games with my dad. So much history! I saw this shirt online and thought of getting it for CJ, since he appreciates this kind of nostalgia as much as I do!8. I know that there's a lot of Zelda fans out there! I love Kitsune Noir's desktop wallpaper project a lot but this one particularly put a smile on my face.9. What do you know? More Brooklyn. Another art project that I've been following for quite some time is the Brooklyn Art Project. There are a lot of great pieces on there, especially this one!10. I must find a globe, but it has to be the perfect globe. This globe isn't too bad. What do you think?
xo, e.m.


  1. holy moly i love those lacey wedges. those are perfect!

  2. I am dying over that wallpaper. Ugh, I want it.