sun tea

I love iced tea but really who wants to heat up their kitchen in 100+ degree heat to boil some water to make tea? Not me, so I just learned to do without. That is, until I heard that some people figured out how to harness the power of the sun to brew their tea. Apparently this whole "sun tea" thing isn't anything new but as soon as I found out about it, I had to try it. It's easy. All you gotta do is fill up a pitcher with water, put in your tea bags and then leave it in the sun for three to five hours to steep! It brings out a whole new flavor in the tea. I used Tazo Zen tea which is green tea with mint and a little hint of lemon. I also put some blueberries in my pitcher too, just to add a little extra flavor but mostly for prettiness. Since I was able to keep mine in my solarium, I was able to keep it uncovered but if you're going to be putting it outside, you might want to cover it!
xo, e.m.