this week in instagrams

Well, well, well. What a week! It was a good one, but to be honest, I'm having one of those days/nights when I'm just feeling bummed about everything possible. You know how they go. They usually happen around birthdays or major events when you realize that you're getting older and it's scary! There's heavy stuff going on, and I guess along with settling in to my new home and my new life, I've had more time to think and process the heavy stuff and it's definitely a little bit overwhelming. Just gotta keep my head high and my eyes on my goals, which I why I'm forever thankful for having you guys to keep me accountable. You're all the best! Now I believe it's time for bed. There are some pretty crazy thunderstorms here tonight and I'm going to let them sing me to sleep.

xo, e.m.


  1. Oooh which app was the first shot taken with?

    1. It's a kind of sketchy app called "1x1 Camera" and then I just added an Instagram filter!