best of july

July went by SO fast, I still can't believe it! I've been living in PA for a month now, which is an equally unbelievable concept. July was a fun month for lark & lace. I'm finally starting to fall into a rhythm and now blogging is just a part of my day like brushing my teeth or taking my wheatgrass shot. Here is an overview of a few of my favorite posts from July:

I made it a point this month to carry my camera everywhere and to capture things that I would normally look right over. I was pleased with the results and I'm definitely glad that I was able to make a habit out of it! My "Happy Fourth" and "The Real Jersey Shore" are examples of this. I also set out to create my first (of hopefully many) photoshop tutorial, on how to create fake light leaks.

July was also full of experimenting with new recipes. Two of my favorites were my banana ice cream and these kale chips

It was a particularly exciting month for my photography business because of all of the weddings! Here's some shots from Melinda and Shaun's wedding and a preview of Rachel and Kurt's wedding

I've never been a big fan of summer fashion but thanks to some recent weight-loss, I enjoyed wearing some fun outfits this month on vacation. Check out the dress and the pants outfit! Also check out Jenna's awesome Waterfall Braids tutorial.

Whew! What a busy month. I'm excited to see what August has in store! I also can't wait to get some of these home projects out of the way so I can finally share some photos of the new house!

xo, e.m.