Friday Faves

1. I'm in love with my pink YSL lipstick and think it's time to go for another shade. How's this one?
2. I've been wearing a lot of rings lately, and since doing so, I've found the "the perfect ring" is difficult to come across. This one from Catbird NYC is a little out of my price range but quite lovely nonetheless!
3. The Leatherbound Classics series from Barnes & Noble is wonderful. The books are inexpensive and can also serve as a great piece of art for your home. I'm particularly enamored with Tolstoy's Anna Karenina.
4. Violet is such a talented little lady! I love her new monthly calendar wallpaper series, especially August.
5. I don't care what the rest of the fashion world may say, I'll always be such a sucker for Jeffrey Campbell. These peep-toes are certainly no exception.
6. While I was putting this list together, I actually bought this dress because I loved it so much. One can never have too much black clothing, especially dresses.
7. It would be completely impractical for me but this LV Damier Eva Clutch is stunning.
8. This photo has it all. Tattoos, ostentatious gold jewelry, a unicorn (or is it just me who sees that?) and  the perfect analog look. Source Unknown. 
9. It's ALMOST beanie weather again! I love a good sassy beanie. This one from Dimepiece is a winner.
10. Ladies, if you're looking for a great hair conditioner, look no further than LUSH's Veganese. It works miracles. I kid you not.

Hope you all have a great weekend! I'll be kickin' it (or, as I liked to say in the early 2000's, "big chillin'") in Manhattan, enjoying my weekend off. How about you guys? Any fun plans? 



  1. Oh wow! SO many great things!! I love that ring in #2 and the entire image in #8!

    1. Right? I even kinda feel like the ring could make its way into that picture and it would fit in perfectly.

  2. I love those Jeffery Campbell shoes!!

  3. all those picks are amazing! I love the YSL lipstick, and the ring, and the shoes, oh just everything!
    Great post Sweetness!


    1. If you've never worn YSL lipstick, it's COMPLETELY worth it. I tell everyone that they need to try it.

  4. That ring is completely gorgeous!


  5. that clutch is NOT impractical and I want one too.

    I have that print in a neverfull.


    1. Ugh I got the neverfull in the signature monogram and I'm regretting it because I love the damier so much! someday......

  6. That lipstick and that book are amazing, I adore them.

    Fashion and Happy Things

  7. i love to see some lush love in the blogosphere. veganese is my absolute fave