Hello, 2016

THANK. GOODNESS. There are only a few hours left in 2015 and I couldn't possibly be more stoked about that. I recall saying I had "a good feeling" about this past year before it even began. Boy, was I wrong. It wasn't horrible (actually, yeah it kinda was.) but in 2016, I can do better. I'm stepping up my goal game. It's time to get real.

1. Expand my influence. I kinda took it easy in 2015. This year is all about "my brand." I want to be freelancing every opportunity I possibly can. In words and maybe... on camera? I mean, that's why I got into news in the first place. To be a reporter or an anchor or something. I'm still down to do that... but it's gotta be on my terms. I'm not sure what that means exactly... but I know it's possible. Somehow.

2. Fitness will be a priority. I started working out again and it feels SO GOOD. I didn't realize how depressed I was until I woke up yesterday and finally wanted to start taking care of myself again. Yeah. It was pretty bad. I threw up after 15 minutes of cardio (don't eat Chinese before going to the gym) but after a glass of a water and some rest, I finished my workout. Huzzah! More of that, please. (Sans vomit, please.) 

3. Finish my book. I started writing a book. I want to finish it. Then...? We'll see.

4. Travel. This is an ongoing goal for me. After getting back from Europe last month, I've got the wanderlust bug BAD. We've already got a few small trips lined up over the next few months so I've got a head start on this one. We want to start planning a big one for our anniversary. But where? Only time will tell. 

5. Work on my marriage. There isn't anything wrong with it but this is a good goal for anybody who's married. Regardless of how great the relationship is, there's always room for improvement. 

6. Spend more time outside. Camping. Snowboarding. Surfing. Paddleboarding. Longboarding. These are all things I love but I never make time for because I feel like they aren't "productive" enough. I want to have more "unplugged" weekends and to just adventure more. I may not be making any business connections but some time outside has proven time and time again to a necessity for my mental health. 

Along with these, I hope to keep reading more, become fluent in French, (getting closer!) and... well... this. (Most of it.) How about you guys? Accountability is the best way to reach our goals so let's hear it!



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