Paris, je t'aime

Ah, Paris. The perfect way to end our trip. The last time I walked these streets, I was sixteen years old. Yes. Sixteen. I was just as awestruck this time as I was then. 

I've got a sort of love-hate relationship with the city of lights. On one hand, after traipsing around Iceland and Belgium, Paris seemed kinda dirty and full of people. On the other hand, it's PARIS. Once we settled in and had our first meal at a Parisian café, the hoards of selfie stick salesmen faded away. It was perfect.

On our first day, we walked all the way from our first apartment by Cambronne to The Eiffel Tower, then across The Seine to The Louvre. It was a longer walk than I remembered but it was so picturesque. It was a dream walking hand-in-hand with my love.

I look at all of these photos of us taken separately and I think to myself, "damn. Should have bought a selfie stick."

Brenden was so cute when he saw The Notre Dame. He wasn't too impressed by The Eiffel Tower but thought the church was "dope."

We spent our last night in a swanky hotel in Le Marais, one of my favorite neighborhoods. Aside from getting intimately acquainted with the Paris Metro, our trip was pretty low key and "uneventful" in a good way. We walked around a lot. That's how I would suggest doing Paris: throw out all of your plans. Walk around. Hold hands. If you see a café you want to visit, go there. Get a cappuccino. Sit outside, take a look around, and soak it all in.

I'm so sad all of my pictures are done! I guess this means we just have to get out and travel more? HMM, where to next? 



  1. I'm legally required by my country to suggest you go to Canada next ;)

    1. Believe it or not, that's actually an option we've been talking about a lot! Anywhere you'd suggest specifically?


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