Buon Natale

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This unseasonably warm weather gave me a reason to toss my insecurities aside and show off my legs for Christmas Eve. My dad's side of the family still has the traditional Feast of the Seven Fishes. It's the perfect excuse to dress up before eventually ditching the fancypants getup and changing into my Christmas PJ's. It's the best of both worlds, no?

As soon as I laid eyes on this little number, I knew I HAD to have it. I played it down by adding a simple turtleneck but you can easily pair it with something sparkly for the perfect NYE look. 

saint, laurent, blogger, street, styleSince the skirt is such a statement in itself, I chose to keep my accessories simple and at a minimum. Just some black booties (do shoes count as accessories?) and a satchel with a classic shape.
philadelphia, fashion, blog, philly, style, E.M., Ricchini
Hope you all had a great Holiday!


skirt/ Banana Republic (currently 50% off!), top/ Uniqlo, boots/ ASOS, bag/ Saint Laurent


  1. You have amazing legs and you should keep showing the because they are fantastic. Like, seriously, so good. Now this just sounds creepy but I mean that you should be proud of them and rock short skirts!

    The Adored Life

  2. Ughhh. You are seriously too fabulous. That is such a cute outfit. <3

    1. Thanks love! This skirt is seriously SO much fun to wear. I want to wear it every day.

  3. Perfect as always, Damn that skirt is good. You're beautiful.

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