Messy Hair, Don't Care.

If I could find a job in Ghent, I would move there in a heartbeat. It is, without a doubt, my favorite place I've ever been. I loved it so much that I spent the smallest amount of time getting ready in the morning, just so I could get out and explore it more. What you're seeing here is the fruit of that struggle.

Everything in Ghent was so old in the best way possible. (I'll be sharing more photos later in the week.) Those cobblestones. That garage door. So much character everywhere.

That black coat and my Docs got a lot of play. You know this already, you've seen the rest of my photos. So maybe this isn't the best or the most flattering outfit but I still like it.

I can't wait to share more (actual) photos from Ghent!



  1. Your hair is the best. When you first chopped your hair I sent a photo to my roomie and BF and said, "She makes me wanna just do this" <3

    1. I was so scared when I first did it but now I want it even shorter! It's so much easier to take care of and I feel like it's more "me." Thanks!


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