things I like: music

Lately, my life has been crazy. There are weddings and funerals and moving and friends and family and graduations and everything else under the sun. I find myself WANTING to be in my car alone so I can put my windows down (the ones that work) and listen to music and be for a few moments without having something pressing on my mind. It's a wonderful escape. I maxed out my iPhone's storage with songs, something that I do not regret in the slightest. Here are some albums that are keeping me going right now:

Be Good or Be Gone by Fionn Regan on Grooveshark
1. The End of History by Fionn Regan - This album is so laid back. It takes me to some distant mountain pass where I am sitting around a campfire with my closest friends and being serenaded by a kindly Irish man. 

Go Do by Jónsi on Grooveshark
2. Go by Jónsi - There is nothing more soothing than Jónsi's voice, and this entire album is so beautiful and inspiring. 

Kettering by The Antlers on Grooveshark
3. Hospice by The Antlers - This album is great because it tells a really epic story, kind of like an opera. It's probably one of the better driving albums that I've found because the music and the storyline go together in a way that's not terribly overbearing so that it makes perfect background music!

Bigmouth Strikes Again by The Smiths on Grooveshark
4. The Queen is Dead by The Smiths - This is an oldie but a goodie and one that I will always come back to! It's a classic.

I wish I could share some more but I have a shoot to get to! 

xo, e.m.


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