things I like: home decor edition

It's Friday, and time for another eventful "Things I Like" party on my blog. This week, since my mind has been occupied by mostly "moving" thoughts, I decided that I should have a theme and that theme should be lovely home decor. Here are some homey things that I love!:

1. This living room is perfect to me. It doesn't look like a museum (you know, too perfect to live in.) but it also has a huge amount of elegance. I love that gigantic sofa. 

2. This tapestry is a dream. I wish it was the kind where you could jump into it and become part of the scene, like every movie in the 90's.

3. I like pieces with a little bit of character like this headboard from Etsy. The perfect amount of classy.

4. I want to make this! I feel like it wouldn't be too difficult.

5. This stencil is great, and I love all of these colors. 

6. This might actually be the second time that I'm posting this adorable project but I just love it so much. Our new home has a beautiful solarium, I can't wait to make some of these to put in there!

7. I love, love, LOVE exposed beams. This room might be perfect. (via Perfectly Imperfect)

8. This throw blanket is too precious. It's the perfect amount of quirky and sophisticated.

9. I love neutrals with pops of color, and this turquoise buffet certainly gets the job done.

10. I've been searching for forever to find the perfect typewriter for my office and the search continues. (via Smile and Wave)

xo, e.m.