Summerfest: A Collaboration with PHL Fashion Bloggers

Don't we all fantasize about packing up and moving to a new city where nobody knows your name? I certainly do, but there are just a few things that tug at my heartstrings enough to keep me in (and/or around) Philly. One of those things is the kind, supportive, and crazy talented group of bloggers here. It's easy to feel alienated when you're in the throes of the elusive "hustle" in your mid-20's so any excuse to get together with like-minded folks is a good one. Anyone who can help you forget about life's troubles for a couple of hours is worth holding on to, which is why these ladies are so special. 

Our theme for this month was simple: summer fun. We all found that sweet spot between comfortably casual and effortlessly chic. It would appear that a lot of 70's trends are alive and well in these photos, which I am very into. 

For this warm weather outing, we decided that some time at Penn's Landing was absolutely necessary. Between Summerfest and Spruce Street Harbor Park, it honestly doesn't get much better. We spent about 15 minutes trying to decide where to take the photos. That may sound a little unnecessary but I promise it was completely warranted! There's so much to do down by the river there. It can be a bit overwhelming. Personally, I'm always drawn immediately to the food but we had some work to do before we could pig out.

First on the agenda? Trying to break some plates and to a gigantic rainbow-colored stuffed unicorn. If you'll note the absence of said plush creature, it did not go well. (We obviously still had fun.) 

Next? Carousel. The operator was so kind and didn't mind us doing "the most" when it came to our blogger behavior. 

Despite having been blogging for actually half of a decade (so weird to write that...) I still experience little bouts of embarrassment when curious onlookers gawk and give judging looks while I'm having my photo taken. Doing it as a pack helped a lot, even when we were taking all of these individual shots. We spent a lot of the time giggling amongst ourselves about how that self-consciousness is a shared experience that brings us all together.

Of course no summer outing is complete without some ice cream! (Vegan chocolate macadamia nut with Kona coffee nibs for me... if you ever need to know the way to my heart.) Ice cream is best enjoyed alongside laughter, which we obviously shared a lot of. Aren't all of these ladies so adorable? I love that each of our outfits are all so uniquely "us" but at the same time, somehow coordinated. Blogger hive mind, perhaps?

Since you've already read this far, how about giving their blogs a read? I highly recommend each one!

Melissa   |   SKINNY AFFAIR
Chelsea   |   ORGANIZED MESS
Priyanka   |   Paint The Town Chic

Until next time!

xo, e.m.


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