Beach Hair & Cut-Offs

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with beach hair. Yes, it can be majorly sexy in a perfectly-tussled sort of way. It can also be messy in a not-so-perfectly-tussled sort of way. Today, it was a bit of both. Beach hair goes perfectly with a pair of cut-offs and breezy button-up, which is how I styled it here. What would some nice messy shore tresses be without a woven bag and some sandals? Can't just have messy hair for the sake of messy hair, after all. (Actually, yes. You can. And I do it quite often.)

Madewell White Cotton Courier Shirt   |   American Eagle High Waisted Jeans (DIY'd into shorts-- similar)   |   Pendleton Neck Scarf   |   Faux Suede Slides (only $18!)  |   31Bits Woven Drum Bag

I'm currently working on a list of my favorite places to go in Asbury Park-- anyone planning on going there any time soon? Any seasoned AP-goers? I'd love to hear your suggestions! It's quickly becoming one of my favorite places to go. I mean, art everywhere, amazing (vegan!) food, and a dog beach-- does it get any better than that? 

Stay tuned for my AP list!
xo, e.m.