Body-Posi With MANDALYNN Swim

Thanks MANDALYNN Swim for sponsoring this post!

Since the beginning of my blog back in 2012, I've been toying with the idea of styling a swimsuit. Growing up in South Jersey means I've spent a large portion of my life down the shore. I spent countless summers swimming with my cousins in my GG and Poppy's pool, the lake by my Mom Mom and Pop Pop's, and basically any other body of water I could find. As I've gotten older and more self-conscious though, I think I can count on at least my fingers (and maybe some toes) the amount of times I've worn a swimsuit without shorts or a tee in recent years. It's a shame, right? I always say, "I'm going to be fearless and just do it!" but these warm months get busy and I lose my chance. Earlier this summer when MANDALYNN asked me to blog one of their suits, I figured it was kismet. You know-- a sign from above or something. While I was a bit timid when I tried it on, I've come to love this suit. 

I mean, really-- what's better to celebrate a little newfound confidence than a sexy one-piece with some sassy embroidery? I had so much fun styling and shooting this suit. This one piece is a great statement suit-- minimalist and classic yet perfectly cheeky. (In more ways than one... if you know what I mean!) It's part of MANDALYNN Swim's collab with designer Maria Stanley, which is full of gems. I also love this simple bikini and these dreamy ruffled straps. What do you think? Can't wait to wear it again when I head to the beach again this weekend to work on my tan.

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