The Dress That Wasn't

Don't let my near-perfectly-matching skirt and top confuse you. That's right-- this is no gingham dress. There are separates I had bought from two different stores at two different times with no intention of wearing together until they had been tossed into the "passably clean" pile on the floor and ended up next to each other. A match made in slob heaven. 

So before you go posting on one of those "snark" sites, it's best we address my weird skin situation going on here. I'm going to spare the boring details and speak in broad terms: a fresh spray tan, a brother, a brother's friend, a husband, some fireworks, a police officer, some wet grass-- are you getting the picture? Yes, it looks horrendous. And yes, I could photoshop it. But I'm a busy lady with a lot to do and while, yes, it looks bad, it doesn't look that bad. (Okay, maybe it does. But people would complain if I photoshopped it just as they'll probably complain that I didn't photoshop it. I know how the internet works.)

I digress. Here are the outfit details for those of you who haven't tuned out by this point:

H&M Gingham Ruffle Skirt (similar)   |   Zara Layered Gingham Tee (similar, could be layered with a plain white tee)   |   Rachel Comey Clogs (via TheRealReal)   |   31Bits Woven Drum Bag   |   Daniel Wellington Watch (c/o)   |   Madewell Mixed Media Beaded Bracelet

Hope you all have a great rest of the week!

xo, e.m.


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