boyish things

Now that we're living a bit farther from each other, CJ and I have been thinking of different ways to bond from a distance. It just so happens that one of those ways is Fantasy Football, for which our draft was today. Can I just say that it was some of the most fun we've had together in a while? I learned a little about football and a lot about my man. I learned that he might be one of the few people on the world who can effectively explain a concept to me on the first try. That's what love language is all about, right? We're both very competitive people so it'll be interesting when the week comes that we're playing against each other. I'll keep you posted though, I think we all know who will win. The Icebox! (That's my team name. Little Giants, anybody?) But seriously, if your man is into sports and you're just not, this is a great way to get into them and do game day together, because trust me, I used to dread Sunday afternoons because there 1,001 things I would rather do! Now, I'm happily looking forward to them.

xo, e.m.


  1. My fiance & I did this one year with hockey - definitely got pretty intense ! haha Have fun with it and gooo Icebox!


    1. Haha thanks girl! Not gonna lie, my team is pretty good!


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