august favorites:

I really can't believe that August is over. This summer FLEW by, especially this past month! Before we bring in the new month (my birthday month, actually) let's recap some of my favorite posts from August:

DIYs: This chalkboard DIY has been one of my favorite crafts to date! (Perfect for college living.) My man and I have been much too busy this past month to make use of our "Date Night in a Jar" but we're exciting to start using it soon, and maybe when we go out on a date, I can use Sam's tutorial to make a hair bow?

Adventures: This month has been full of adventures! A couple of my favorites were my trip to the Art Museum with Jenna and Historic Newtown

Recipes: It was a pretty uneventful month for recipes. I did, however, have a series on salads and how to make them delicious!

Outfits: I'm still obsessed with this peach dress so much that I almost don't want summer to be over because I don't want to stop wearing it! I'm thinking that if I add some tights though, it'll carry me through the fall. I also had a blast guesting posting for The You Are Project. If you haven't checked those girls out, definitely do so, because they're super great!

Photography: Since it's my busy season, it's been a big month for photography. This family shoot is one of my favorites to date! I also started a series highlighting some of the elements of photography, the first of which was composition. I also had a few weddings this month, too! Check out Lindsay and Nate's beach wedding

A look into my life: My goal on here is to be as open about myself as possible, something that I definitely stepped up this month! There was one day when I blogged about not wanting to blog and another when I shared my adventures in spontaneity. I also started (finally) giving you all a tour of my home, starting with my jewelry displays and my room

What do you guys think? What were some of your favorite posts? 
xo, e.m.


  1. Is that your bedroom? It's lovely. The duvet is absolutely gorgeous!


    1. It is, thank you! And thanks, it's a quilt. I've been really obsessed with quilts lately!


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