Coffee with Friends

Slowly but surely posting all of the photos from the wedding and trip, including these we took before even heading to the airport. Violet and I have been online friends since I was 16. Flickr and our love of Eisley and Blythe Dolls brought us together. She and her husband Grant only had a short time in Philly so we maximized their time with us by bringing them to our favorite coffee joint. We had breakfast, fancy lattes, and good conversation. Grant snapped some candids. (And some not-so-candids.)

Looking back at these photos, I'm feeling kind of nostalgic for those pre-wedding jitters. Our little breakfast was a sort of "calm before the storm," if you will. I was feeling tender and extremely excited. Excited to travel, to get married, and for the new friendships I was finding in Violet and Grant. (Oh. And the tofu scramble.)

I couldn't believe how hard it was to sit still during breakfast. I think it was the antsiest I've ever been in my entire life and I'm not sure if I'll ever be that giddy again. (Though I hope I will, because I don't think your wedding should be "the best day of your life.") And now, it seems kinda bittersweet. I'm sad that it's over but looking forward to married life and the various adventures we'll be sharing as husband and wife. Iceland, Belgium, France... it was great. It was the first of many. And though it's kinda sad that The Shorts live so far away, it's nice to have a few familiar faces in another city.

I cherish these memories -- every single one -- and I can't wait to share more with you all. 



  1. The photos make me so happy <3 Missing you guys so much.

    1. Missing you too girl!! We'll hang out again soon :)

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