Vacation Style

River, Island, Palazzo, Pant, crop, top, vintage, Philadelphia, style, fashion, PhillySorry for being MIA these past few days. It's been a bit turbulent over here. I knew 2016 would bring a lot of changes but I didn't know they'd be happening so rapidly! We're barely over two weeks into January already everything has changed. More on that at a later time. Lets focus on these amazing wide-leg trousers.

If you follow along with my life over on Instagram, you know I just got back from a mini vacation to Disney World. Obviously I wanted to look cute... but comfort was more important. I think I did a pretty okay job of finding a balance between the two. What do you think? I can't wait to wear these pants with an "actual" pair of shoes. I'm thinking maybe some clogs might look good? Maybe some strappy sandals? The possibilities are kinda endless.

I'm not usually a "warm weather" person but being able to wear a crop top in January is a pretty great thing. Maybe I'm getting old because I'm kind of sad that I'll have to wait until Spring to wear more outfits like this. Say it isn't so...


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  1. These photos!!! That orange wall makes such an awesome background. Your photos inspire me to no end.

  2. Amazing pictures. Those trousers are to die for.

    Rachel |

  3. Love the flare pants.


    1. Thanks! I definitely want to invest in a few more pairs! I like how they kinda hide everything ;)

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