Locals Only: Charlie's Jeans

philadelphia, style, fashion, blog, sebastian, mccallI loathe jean shopping. I loathe it almost as much as bathing suit shopping. No-- I think I hate it more because I've somehow avoided buying a new swimsuit for the last few years. When Charlie's Jeans asked me if I wanted to come in and try on some of their signature Sebastian McCall denim, I welled up with anxiety. Luckily my love for Philly-based businesses is stronger than my hatred for my thighs in some new denim. Charlie's promised to make the process painless and boy, did they deliver. May I say, my booty has never looked so choice.

Don't they look great? Let me tell you a little about the process: I walked in and was a little overwhelmed at all the different kinds of jeans. As I was being shown around, I thought to myself, "great, I'm going to have to dig to find my size... then it's not going to fit... so I'm going to try a few more. Next thing I know, I'm going to be crushed beneath a pile of denim and this poor girl is going to have to put it all away." Before I could think twice though, I was handed a pair of jeans and told "alright, go try 'em on!" They fit! These people are professionals. They look at you, pick out a pair of jeans they know will look fabulous, then have you try them on. One and done! I tried on a few more pairs and they were all a perfect fit.

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As for the jeans themselves, they're designed in-house, made in the USA, and only available at Charlie's Jeans. If you're in Rittenhouse, Old City, or Cherry Hill, stop by!

A big thanks Charlie's Jeans for sponsoring this post!


Photos by Danielle Conyers. Follow her on Instagram!


  1. It's like a magical jeans shop, they just know your size by giving you a once over!?! It sounds like a dream come true. Any sense of a price range? I'm willing to spend a good amount on quality jeans that fit like a glove but just want to have a heads up so I don't have sticker shock in the store :)

    1. Hey! Sorry for the delayed response, I'm on a little vacation. They run about $175-$200. It's a bit much but worth it because they're made here in the U.S. and the quality is superb!