la première neige

Last night, it snowed. I got my wish, even if it was just a few inches. I remember it snowing a lot more when I was a kid. I guess the earth kinda goes through phases? I hope we're in another cold phase when I have my own kids because I can't wait to take them skiing. Nothing beats sitting in a big comfy fireside in the lodge after a long day of frolicking in the crisp mountain air. Just add a little non-dairy hot chocolate and I can't think of a more perfect situation. Not many people around here share my love for fresh powder, which is really quite sad. I'll just pretend that those people don't exist, hop in my four-wheel-drive truck, and blaze new trails!



  1. So beautiful! The pups seem to be enjoying the new fallen snow.

  2. Oh I wish we got snow, we live right on the coast so it just rains instead :( Looks really beautiful!


  3. I just discovered your lovely blog and couldn't leave without reading post after post after post. Your photographs are absolutely is the rest of your blog. As a novice photographer (I got a fancy new Christmas camera) and blogger (not quite a year yet), I find so much inspiration from pretty blogs like yours. I am so glad to now be following along!

  4. These photos are so gorgeous! I've never seen so much snow! The high today was 80 here in Florida. I wish it would get cold D:

  5. cute pics

  6. I wonder sometimes if we really are getting that much snow and we always thought it was so much more because we were so much smaller?

  7. Lovely! Here in Quebec, first snow was like two months ago hahaha and it snowed a lot this year, we had a snow tempest and it was like around one meter on snow and it was just like in a fairytale (everything fluffy, sparkly and white!).
    Are these your dogs??? They are SO beautiful in the snow!

    Olive xox