textures, pt. 2

A victim of monotony-- but not for much longer! This week, I'm feeling like another casualty of the daily grind. I'm still catching up on loads and loads of work from when I was gone-- yes, almost a month later! I'm excited though, because things are about to change. Yes, even more than they have changed already! I'm excited. I know that in a few months, I'll be thankful for this momentary lull. For now, I'll take the monotony and look forward to what's coming next.



  1. Maybe its the time of the year but I feel quite the same. In fact, I just got accepted at University to make my master degree and I just cant manage to feel excited about it! I feel so monotone and in a few months spring is coming and with the rising sun, the rising energie to face new projects!

    Olive xox

  2. Awesome things are coming! Enjoy your rest. :)