valentine's day

Valentine's Day is kind of a huge deal here in the blogging community. Why is that? I love seeing pink and red and glitter everywhere but that's about it. Maybe I'll wear a heart or two tomorrow, maybe not, that's the extent of it though.

I know that there's a rich history behind Valentine's Day, but like most holidays, it's commercialized and doesn't mean much anymore. The thing is here though, it's not like any of the holidays that encourage families to be together and to do nice things for others but it seems to be centered around giving a bouquet of overpriced flowers simply because it's what the corporations tell us to do. I guess if a guy doesn't spend $500 on flowers for his gal, he doesn't love her? That irks me to no end! Phew. Don't stop reading yet, I'm done with my anti-Cupid rant and moving on to the encouraging part.

I'm not sure what the statistic is, but I'm sure that there are a great number of people who will be a little on the sad side tomorrow. Don't be! Just look at the back of a Hallmark card and think about if you REALLY want someone spending that much on a piece of cardstock. Whether you have a special someone or not, Valentine's Day can serve a higher purpose. Surprise your elderly neighbor with a bouquet of flowers. (Not red roses though, because they'll cost you an arm and a leg!) Take out a friend or a family member who's been through a recent breakup. If your folks live close by, surprise them with a homemade supper. The possibilities are endless! If you're still a little sad and need a giggle, just remember that your day will probably be better than these people's



  1. Love this post! It will be five year in may that I live and love my boyfriend and we do not celebrate valentines day. I mean, we make a nice dinner at home, rent movies but thats about it. Love is real and Valentine is fake. I prefer to celebrate our couple anniversary (we go sleep next to the sea or to a fancy restaurant).

    Anyway, thanks for this word, it is important to remember those things!
    Olive xox

  2. This is a great post. I'm on the sad side of valentine's day this year, especially with my best friend just getting married and having a baby and I'm still a very single lady waiting for her man. Still, I'm learning to be happy and content to wait. All the things you said are good to remember. Thanks for posting! I think I'm going to make dinner for my parents tonight as a surprise :) Thanks for the idea!
    ~ Hanna

  3. haha that craigslist stuff just made me laugh!!! thanks :)