some tunes for you

This song is beautiful in a lot of ways. Actually, the entire album is. It's good for if you're having an introspective evening or if you need some thought-provoking melodies for a long car ride by yourself. If I could sum up my life lately in a song, it'd be this. Content yet a little disjointed but not without purpose. Makes me look forward to the future and seeing what it's got in store for me.



  1. I've never heard this song, will be listening in a minute, but the way you describe your situation is exactly how I feel!
    I'm so happy in most aspects of my life but still don't feel completely whole. I also am looking to an awesome future while still trying to live in the now.

  2. Such a pretty song! + I feel the same way. My life is so wonderful, and yet there is still something missing. I think we all feel like that once in a while.
    xo Heather


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