You know what it is: time to catch up again.

Doing: I should write in this section all that I'm not doing because I think that would be a lot easier. Where to begin? Well, I got a "sort of" promotion at work. After a few months of uncertainty and countless resumes sent all over the United States, it looks like I'm staying in Philly! (For now...) In addition to my normal assignment desk duties, I'm taking on some writing jobs, including some for our website. It's exciting because I love writing and getting paid to do so is like a dream come true. (Or at least several small steps in the right direction.)  I've also started writing music again. I found a small group of guys who are interested in playing as well and we're talking about recording already. I'm pretty stoked on what we've been able to come up with thus far and OF COURSE I'll be sharing it when it becomes available.

Reading: I just finished up Persepolis, a graphic novel about the Islamic Revolution in Iran. It's the first full comic I've read since Maus and it's definitely got me looking for the next. I've also been reading Girl in a Band. I'm a huge Sonic Youth fan and although I will always think Kim Gordon is a major babe, I had to put it down because I was having a hard time getting into it. Now that I've started playing music again, I'm planning on bringing it with my for my New York commute next week. I think I'll be much more into it now that I can relate to it on that new level. (At least I hope I can! I had such high hopes!)

Watching: Aside from my weekend It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia binges, I've been really into documentaries. While I was able to re-watch and enjoyed Let the Fire Burn, I've been especially interested in music documentaries. I watched Until the Light Takes Us and Taqwacore: The Birth of Punk Islam a few nights ago and my Netflix list is now full of music docs. (I'm always open to suggestions!)

Listening: It's been a lot of 80's around here lately but I am neither ashamed nor upset. I mom dance to "Your Love" by The Outfield pretty much every morning while I'm making coffee and every night while I'm making dinner. Of course I made a handy dandy Spotify playlist and of course the musical selections are kind of all over the place. Would you expect anything else from me?

Going: My new favorite place to go is easily Wissahickon. Ever since our camping trip a little while ago, Danielle and I are on this intense nature kick. We want to explore IT ALL. By "it all," I don't mean just the untamed wilderness, either. Last week we checked out the Schuylkill Banks boardwalk (like a thousand years late, I know) and even dared to walk around South Philly. Fitler Square to be exact. So maybe it's not quite the heart of South Philly but it's still pretty far away from civilization. I loved it so much that I've been considering moving to the (GASP) other side of Market Street. Also, I am proud to announce that I am STILL gymmin' it on a daily basis. I honestly didn't think that I would make it much past March but I've been going to the gym regularly since February 1st. Is it weird that I actually like it?

If you're still reading, you should add me on Snapchat! I finally caved in and made a new account for the blog. Why didn't I keep using my old account, you may ask? To put it simply, the username was really embarrassing and I'm a terribly vain person. Add me and chat me up! Username is larkandlace

As always, I'm genuinely interested in what you guys are up to so... what's up?



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