Mother's Day Gift Ideas

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I'm the worst at buying gifts. I'm not even ashamed to acknowledge this indisputable truth. I can't buy clothes for people because I always end up getting the size so wrong that it's borderline offensive. I can't go the quaint-homemade route because I do not have a creative bone in my body for that sort of thing. Buying gifts for my mom, however, is a great joy. She's basically the more humble version of me. She appreciates the finer things but will rarely go out and buy them for herself. As I try to narrow down my list of things to get her for mother's day, I figured I'd share a few ideas with you!

1. Hendrick's Gin - good for if your mother (like mine) enjoys mixing up cocktails. The beautiful bottle is also a nice little touch. (It will look super classy on your kitchen counter.)

2. Mom's One Line A Day Book - Journaling is important but moms are obviously incredibly busy. This little book lets them jot down little thoughts and memories without getting too involved.

3. Chanel Perfume - A prime example of "things my mom deserves but would not buy for herself." The perfect scent for both days at work and nights out.

4. How to be Parisian Book - I loved reading this book, especially the statement that it made about Parisian moms. It was a fun, light read-- perfect for Spring Saturday afternoons.

5. Sunglasses - My mom loves biking, hiking, going to the beach, and basically any and all other things that involve the great outdoors. Nice sunglasses like these are also fancy enough for outdoor brunches and other insanely-white-people things.

6. Bracelet - Moms love jewelry, even if they don't wear it a lot. In my opinion, you can't go wrong with a sweet and simple bracelet. Once again, try to find one that can be multi-functional: not too glitzy for work but also not too drab to wear out on a date with dad.

7. Dainty, Minimal Watch - I always remember my mom wearing a watch. While watches now may be more for decoration and less for "actually telling time" (that's what phones are for, right?) they will always be in style. I love this new trend of minimalist designs with timeless leather bands.

8. Nail Polish and a Mani/Pedi - Buy your mother her favorite shade of nail polish and then bring her to her favorite salon. (In my opinion, Essie has the best shades!)

9. Lipstick - Once again, who doesn't like getting all gussied up with some lipstick? In keeping with the theme here, buy your mom one that she wouldn't normally buy for herself.

10. A New Bag - This one speaks for itself. Your mom has probably had the same bad for the last three decades.

11. Ultra Repair Cream - As I get older and my skin becomes "not as great as it once was," I come to understand my mom's plight more and more. Based on personal experience and reading TONS of reviews, this stuff seems to be the best moderately-priced item for any skin. It would be cute in a basket with the lipstick, nail polish, etc.

What are you thinking of getting for your mom this Mother's Day? Let me know because even with these options, I'm still incredibly indecisive.



  1. I'm the same with buying gifts.. it's just a horrible process so I tend to go for the handmade route. My mom has a huge collection of handmade plushies so it's definitely a safe thing to do! haha

    This list is just perfect. It's great to give gifts that people would love but wouldn't spend on themselves...even though they deserve it!

    1. Yes! How are some people so good at it? I love giving gifts but I hate agonizing over the process. Good thing you have something like that to fall back on ;)

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