Sun + Sand

The Jersey Shore is one of my favorite places in the whole entire world. Growing up so close to the beach, I've always had a sort of bewildered familiarity with the ocean. The sand and the waves know me so well and I know them yet they are still shrouded in mystery. So vast, so powerful. This was my first trip down the shore of the season. I usually like coming when it's colder, darker, and there are less people but yesterday's weather was too perfect to not make the short trip to the coast.

Sun, sand, cigars, burgers, ocean water, open windows, best friends, and corny 80's music. Yes, yesterday was perfect.


p.s. I've been having such a fun time hanging out with you guys on Snapchat! If you haven't added me yet, do it: larkandlace

top/ DIY, bralette/ U.O. (old, similar), jeans/ U.O., jacket/ GAP, hat/ Free People, shoes/ Mntg

**Photos by Danielle Conyers. Follow her on Instagram!


  1. Looks like a great day on the coast, hope you enjoyed your weekend!

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