Denim Dress (& Etc.)

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I'm seriously loving this "all denim everything" trend. When I ponder exactly why this look pulls on my heartstrings so much, I remember that this moment of blue jean bliss was crucial to a young and impressionable me. (Seriously, click on that link for some serious nostalgia.) The walls were torn down. Denim was no longer contained to jeans and the occasional jacket. It was anything and everything for all occasions. Glory be! Huzzah!

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I had fun acting like a "super tourist"galavanting around Fishtown and posing in front of the Kurt Vile mural in this dress. Call me the president, chairman, and CEO of Levi Strauss all you want but I love me some denim on denim. (If you got that reference, we might be best friends.)

Check out ASOS's Denim Hub for more styles!


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*photos by Danielle Conyers. Follow her on Instagram


  1. I absolutely love this outfit! The length is perfect and especially with those shoes! I can't not lower my eyes and shake my head at JT and Britney...What on earth happened there!??! That outfit will live on seared into minds forever!! haha

    1. Thank you! I'm seriously obsessed with these sandals. They're unbelievably comfortable and I'm trying to figure out how I can wear them to work... hmm. And right?? That was a dark time in our earth's history....

  2. Love that hat, such a nice colour!

    1. Thank you! It's definjtely one of my favorites.

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