Rose + Cayenne Pepper Iced Coffee

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Guys, I have a problem. While I tend to drink a lot of coffee in the fall and winter, as soon as the warm weather settles in and iced coffee is plentiful, my caffeine consumption quadruples. I went to Menagerie twice yesterday. I have no shame. Sometimes it's a cold brew with a splash of heavy cream, sometimes it's an iced americano (black, of course.) I like to change it up because I get bored easily. Having said that, I've gone kind of crazy conjuring up new iced coffee creations at home. As the weather gets warmer, I can only imagine how this little hobby of mine will intensify to gargantuan proportions. The combination du jour has been rose and cayenne pepper. It's zesty with dainty floral notes and the perfect way to kick start your morning.

Iced, Coffee, Cayenne, Pepper, rose, water,
What you'll need:
  - Cold brew (I love La Colombe but Trader Joe's concentrated cold brew is super budget-friendly.)
  - Whichever type of dairy (or non-dairy) you prefer
  - 1 1/2tbsp of rose water
  - A dash (or more) of Cayenne pepper
  - Ice

I used to be a fool and brew the coffee and then stick it in the freezer to cool down until I harnessed the power of the Cold brew. Cold brew means that the coffee grounds are steeped at room-temperature for an extended period of time. It usually has a more intense flavor than other methods of brewing and for your convenience, it tends to come already bottled and ready to go. (Note: some are super-concentrated and intended to be mixed with water while others are not.) However you decide to make your coffee, do it up then pour it into a glass (half-filled with ice) and add dairy to your liking. Stir in cayenne pepper and rose water and enjoy! 

I've got so many ideas for more so stay tuned!



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