Remixed, pt. 1

I've been trying to trim the fat off of my wardrobe because I'm going to be moving a smaller (and yet somehow still more expensive?) apartment soon and I neither need nor want distracting clutter to ruin my creative space. As I've been deciding what gets to stay in my dresser and what goes in the donation bin, I've seen a pattern: BLACK. Countless band tees. Crop tops galore. Stripes on stripes on stripes. I clearly have "a thing" and stick to it. I don't think that's bad though. There are certain recurring items in my wardrobe that get a lot of use and I try my best each item uniquely. I've decided to start a new series on here to give you some examples and to show you just how versatile your own closet may be. The pieces I chose for today are a graphic tee, boyfriend jeans, wide-leg trousers, a cardigan, and a duster.

1. Boyfriend jeans and a graphic tee.  (Original post) If you don't have at least one good graphic tee, I highly suggest getting on that. As the frizzy-haired, makeup-less me illustrates up there, it can elevate a casual look to an edgy one with absolutely no extra effort or loss of comfort. Any kind of basic tee or tank can be tied in the back to create a crop top, which brings me to the next look...

2. Graphic tee and loose-fitting trousers. (Original post) This is one of my all-time favorite looks on this blog. Graphic tees have a special place in my heart and I will always shamelessly love crop tops more than any other item of clothing. It's not that I even have great abs or anything, (in fact, I TOTALLY don't) they're just so liberating. This look is more for daytime but a change of shirt and a few extra items can transition it to a casual date night ensemble.

3. Loose-fitting trousers and a flowing cardigan. (Original post) This cardigan gets a lot of wear. I bought it on a whim but it's become quite a staple. Whenever I feel like I'm needing an extra little something that's not too overpowering, this is what I grab almost every time. It's a nice shade of green; not too overbearing but still noticeable. It helps to tone down the multiple patterns in this outfit and while it doesn't always work to have to sort of "oversized" pieces together, I love the movement and interaction here.

4. A flowing cardigan under a duster. (Original post) Dusters are incredibly underrated. I feel so Parisian in mine. I loved the way it looked over this striped (note, more stripes) dress but felt it needed a little more dimension. Boom. Cardigan. Perfect addition. Oh, and if you're wondering why I keep calling it a "duster," it's this.

5. A duster and boyfriend jeans. (Original post) Yes, the boyfriend jeans are back. Life comes full circle. A classy camel duster with some weathered boyfriend jeans is the perfect balance of high and low. (Or, "business and party," if you will.) Add some classy black pants instead of the ripped jeans and you could even wear this to the office.

I love "shopping my closet" and keeping my daily style interesting by mixing and matching. Anything in particular you'd like to see me style next?



  1. Moving is the best motivation to clean out everything! I love everyone of these outfits. Some days I would love to just have 10 pieces of clothing and call it a day. Makes like so much more simple! I could definitely make do with just these lovely pieces.

    1. I often dream of having just 10 items of clothing. If it all looks the same anyway, nobody will be able to tell that you're wearing the same thing over and over and over again. ;) I think the key is to be more intentional when shopping. Sometimes it's hard to resist something super trendy (sometimes I cave in...) but it's rewarding to not have to replace everything every few months/years.

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